Take a Dive in to Italian Romance With the Gucci Bright Diamante

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Take a Dive in to Italian Romance With the Gucci Bright Diamante

By now, you all know about my favorite luxury handbag brands. Those are no longer a secret. For those who have not yet read my previous posts, those brands are from France: Hermes and Louis Vuitton. The French have nothing to prove in terms of luxury: Paris is the capital of fashion, perfume and designer handbags!

But do not get me wrong, it is not because the above are my favorite brands that I do not own bags from other luxury brands. Indeed, when my better half takes me on a summer date punctuated by a romantic diner at a high end Italian trattoria, I would not carry around the French Louis V to enjoy the enchantment of a Toscana night. I would rather select some designer handbag with more character and an exotic feel that would better fit in my Italian romance. I would dare the Gucci Bright Diamante GG Leather Bucket Bag in Caribbean turquoise. Yes, in turquoise, to spice up my evening and make sure I would look fatal. This bag from legendary Gucci is a killer: it does neither look too casual, neither too smart. It will make sure you would stand out of the crowd, no matter what ladies around could carry.

Gucci is not only a designer handbag brand. Owning a Gucci bag feels like owning a piece of Italy. With that bag on your shoulder you would feel as glamour as Sophia Loren.Some Gucci models tend to be very pricey, the reason why I purchased my Gucci handbag online from my favorite vendor for USD 218. Yes, for this price it is a replica handbag, but not just any replica handbag. It did not make me feel less gorgeous: indeed, I only shop for true seven stars mirror image replica handbags, that are so close to the originals, that even people working for Gucci might get fooled.

Morality: do not focus on one luxury designer handbags. Adopt different bags / brands for different occasions. And do not hesitate to buy top quality replica handbags from reputable online vendors to look your best: replica means affordable luxury for each and every woman!

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